Where to Start with Anything and reach every Goal


Every success story starts with struggle. The fuel to get going anyway is your curiosity. Simply rephrase intimidating, struggling, being uncertain, afraid, overwhelmed with the word curiosity.

5 Steps to Archive Everything

Now that you are curious to learn and experience everything about it, let’s go:

Step 1 - Information

Collect as much information as possible about the subject of desire and curate it down to their fundamentals. Be minimalist here and write everything down to bullet points with just one clear sentence per.

Step 2 - Sources

Search on every medium for text, video, audio, digital, physical examples for each point. Collect at max 10 references per medium. Write down each in a sentence.

Step 3 - Language

Identify the specific style of words, commands, and tone on your list. Get comfortable with them. Speak them out loud and build educated sentences and questions around.

Step 4 - Process

Start with the point you feel most secure about and iterate. Enjoy the sources you collected and give yourself answers. Don’t rush here and stay within the subprocess until you are satisfied with your response.

Step 5 - Share

Go back to your sources, search for matching questions, and share your answer. Collect feedback, curate it and make it public. Share appreciation for comments and be humble and honest.

I can guaranty you a lot of new informations, good and lousy comments, and even more sources to check. But that’s the best way to grow. With these 5 steps, you will turn from a totally clueless person to a respective communication partner.

What you can’t specify here, is the time it takes you to get there.

My personal Example

Step 1 - Collecting Informations

I usualy spend 1 hour to collect everything, another 30 minutes to curate it down to consumable pieces. 10 points are my maximum here.

Step 2 - Curating Sources

10 points with max 10 sources equal to 100 sentences

Step 3 - Understand the Sources

Depending on the subject, this can be a very long list of jargon, phrases, and buzzwords

Step 4 - Put real work in the Process

A fundamental part that I usually involve my family, friends and sometimes clients with. Result can vary. Sometimes the answer is a product.

Step 5 - Do you understand the Goal

This is the most fascinating part for me. It’s the real world result of what you thought and how true that is to the reality.

I hope my personal rules are helpful to you and if not, I appreciate your opinion and would love to read your thoughts.

Thank you for the gift of your time.