How fast should you be?


Companies and organisations are not aware and people are not able to keep up. Things are getting fast, faster and lightning fast.

This is easy, just go faster!

Here we go again. The same old story about how fast everything is and how bad it went. I say the world is at normal spead, but you are not fast enough.

What is fast?

  • Fast doesn’t mean you have to consume a lot. Instead, create a lot.
  • Fast doesn’t mean you produce many products. Make quicker decisions instead.
  • Fast doesn’t mean you should hold back because you are afraid of making mistakes. Make smaller approaches and be outspoken about the process and the results.
  • Fast doesn’t mean you should produce much stuff to cover everyone and everybody. However, focus on creating something of value for someone you know.
  • Fast doesn’t mean you should copy successful approaches. Create a delivery as comfortable as possible.

If you want to please 100 unknown people, It’s impossible to be fast, and utterly stupid even to try. If you are up to help your best friend, you will be as quickly as possible without even trying.

How do you slow down your World for you?

  • Turn off your TV.
  • Sell it.
  • Record everything you do. Especially your hobbies.
  • Don’t overthink everything. Take 10 seconds per decision.
  • Just try and learn from it. Record it.
  • Take small, tiny steps, and let everyone enjoy it.
  • Whatever you do should a make sense for you. Don’t blindly follow the mob.
  • If you don’t know your audience, take yourself and record it.
  • Scratch your itch, verbalize it in the right way, again, record it, and publish it.

All those words are super nice, but they raise pure fear in many people. If your one of them, keep the picture of famous people in their early days. Everybody looks terrible at the start. The difference between a loser and a winner is right there. If you keep going, you will win. The other ones will be your next clients.

What happens if you keep creating?

You will automatically be better in what you do and having fun while doing it. Your life will be much more in line with your passion. be cause you’re passionate about, you will keep going. you will not even notice that you actually work.

The more you share what you created, the more people you will meet, talk to, and debate about the things that you’re passionate about. maybe you win a new friend? unique next big love. or your worst enemy. you never know, but it is exciting to look forward too.

Are you afraid of getting copied by someone?

You have to understand, if you keep creating, it’s impossible to copy you. Because you make constant progress, everybody else will just run after you. The question will be then “Why is he so fast?”.

I hope my personal opinion is helpful to you and if not, I appreciate your opinion as well and would love to read your thoughts.

Thank you for the gift of your time.