Hallo, hello, cześć, もしもし,

my name is Eric and this is one of my websites. I created a whole network (.Network) of websites. Each of this websites covers a specific topic and tries to relate to one of the other network members. This big project is just mainly for research.

So who is my dream audience?

Actually everyone. Bot's - bad, good and everything between. Humans, TV's and all the rest. Why i don't realy care about the audience in detail? Because i invest heavy in detection and algorythms that learn to understand the differences between all of them.

What's the work that you can expect here?

Original words from hired writers. Aggregated news from external websites, Social media posts and rich databases of crawled and tracked data. All for free!

I treat all content here as a draft.

I share it early and update it regularly.

Where do i see this page in one to three years?

Detecting the who. Understanding the what and delivering the neccesary. After that goal is close, it's probably time to re-ask the question.

How does my work fit into the world i want to live in?

Free minds need a space to try freely.

What kinds of projects i am interest in?

  1. technology in general
  2. automating
  3. tracking/control
  4. linking
  5. marketing

What kinds of people do i want to work with?

People who move, change, make, fail, succeed, help, protect and speak against all odds.

Who are my dream clients?

I don't want to have clients.

What do i want people to do after visiting my website?

Get in contact with me. Share their thoughts. Argue. Debate.

If someone were telling a third person about me, what would i want them to say?

He's a open minded person without a "money first" approach. He's an out of the box thinker that tries different thing's without the fear to fail.

If you want, you will find ways. If you don't want, you will find reasons.